about me

Timeless, sleek design

“For 30 years I am collecting design furniture and accessories. My collection is extremely diverse: from the Corbusier LC4 to the Pastoe L160. My favorite design is the kettle “Hot Bertaa” by Alessi. It is a daring design that is also in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Slowly I filled my house with sleek, functional and timeless design.

That sleek, timeless and audacious, you can also find in my design. Thus, for example, my logo designs are attractive for a long time . In the design process, I leave out as much as possible, just as long until I find the essence of it: a striking and sleek design, with carefully chosen fonts. That stubbornness is also in me. I stand for the quality of my graphic designs and I will call my client when I find that a design is violated.”

Hot Bertaa
Kluts kwijt

Simmering pots and delicious smells

“Cooking for me is pure relaxation. I find my inspiration from cooking shows and the internet. I give my own spin to a dish, and I experiment until it’s perfect. I do not have a favorite kitchen: i like a pasta, a curry as much as a rich pea soup.

That attention and experimenting, you can also find in my work. It is a result of my perfectionism. In my work it comes to good use. While I design, create, I read the text also for a moment: to be sure the words are, for example, consistently spelled. This perfectionism prevents extra work in the correction stage.”

The wow-factor of supercars

“I’m a big fan of supercars: from the Mazda MX5 to the Porsche 911. The Porsche 911 for example; it was love at first sight. The wow-factor. The design is timeless: a Porsche of 1970 or of 2016 is in essence the same, and still quite recognizable as a Porsche.

My designs must also provide that wow factor, that instant attraction. If I feel that it is not just right, I have to look harder. I only submit a draft if it feels good.”

Asterix en Obelix

Well-drawn comics made with passion

“My first experience with comic books was Asterix and Obelix. I will never forget these comics , I still read them. Well-drawn comic books with a healthy dose of humor appeal to me especially.

Those comic books are created with lots of passion. I’m also still passionate about my work and very involved in my assignments. Notice that the customer not only looks at the quality of my work, but also the single point of contract, a deal is a deal, fast delivery and generous opening hours.”